20 years experience

Digital Banking

& Insurance.

Motif will be a premium solution provider based on the combination of business and technical oriented knowledge.

What is Motif ?


in Technology


Team with expertise and experience be a consultant Install and design computer network system.


The Motif’s product was developed and built by our team to support the development of customers.

IT Support

The team supports problems from customers and keeps requirements.



The team is ready to give advice and guide the Infrastructure system, including design architecture.

About us

Motif technology public company limited

Motif Technology was founded in 1999 and was registered as a public company in 2005.

Provides advice and recommendations to customers on the installation and design of computer software and hardware. Specializing in finance and banking. Subsequently, we expand to insurance and comprehensive to the government and private sector.


Three missions to lead for effective and efficient operations

World-class products

To deliver local software solutions for its clients comparable to world-class products, but with much lower cost.

Excellence technology

To build lasting technology company that exerts for excellence.

Customer values

To make smart and efficient use of Information Technology to maximize customer values.

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