ADMS – Agent Distribution Management System

        • iAM   Agent database management system

 Including managing the agent’s data structure, recording information, organizing agent training to comply with the insurance company’s business policy.

        • iAL   Tax Computing System and Paying Agent Benefits

 Supports the payment of benefits to agents through various channels that the insurance company can determine by having a process for receiving the results of income calculations, deduction of liabilities, and income tax calculations for agents.

        • iCompensation  Compensation Management System

 Support agent benefit information update management Support to improve income/expenses Support to search for information on performance, benefits, and various information of agents according to the payment cycle.

        • iAgent   Agent information display system

 Support to view performance, match results, daily performance results against own and team Target. Check information for Intelligence Training training to become an Information Hub for searching for customer information. and information


iSQ  – quotation management system

A system was developed to create quotations for insurance agents to use for further bidding.

iClaim  – Accident and Health Insurance Compensation System

for all policy types is a system developed for It helps to direct the work to reduce the burden and time spent on the transfer of claims from one agent to another. as well as facilitating the management of staff burdens in order to increase the efficiency of the organization’s work



BDS – Bad Debt Management System

        • iCollection Debt Collection Prevention and Management System

Help in managing preventive tasks and managing debt collection. since the debt collection process debt collection record and the end of tracking The system support the work of officers in debt collection agencies. From the operational level to the management level

        • TDR Management System Fix/manage bad debts

Help in managing administrative tasks Fix/manage bad debts to be able to return to repay debt normally again before entering the legal process

        • iLegal   A comprehensive case management system

Supporting the process of case preparation, filing, prosecution, appointment, preliminary proceedings, appeals, supreme courts, and legal enforcement procedures Legal department who came to use the system more convenient


iNPA   Property Management System

Helping to manage from the process of transferring or buying collateral assets to foreclosed properties. Recording the NPA’s admission date and book value, as well as displaying various reports on each step.

iCAS Collateral Assessment System

The developed system supports the process of managing collateral information according to the bank’s procedures from the acquisition of collateral according to the Loan Processing process.

iCustodian Document  System

System developed to manage important documents in electronic file format, suitable for financial business organizations that have a lot of storage and borrowing of important documents