25 Jan, 2022

Log Management

     Centralized Log File Management System which supports the storage of Log File data from any computer server or network device including Firewall, Router, Switch, Window Server, Linux Server, Web Server, Application Server, and many others.

25 Jan, 2022

Personal Assurance Message (PAM)

     It is a technology that can use messages to confirm the activation of online services. that will appear on the website while the transaction is being made In order to know that the transaction is being passed that registered correctly, but if the personal confirmation message here is not correct, you can cancel the transaction immediately without having to enter any password

25 Jan, 2022

Data Security

     Data security to grant access to only those who have access and prevent third parties from gaining unauthorized access to information. It is considered a measure was taken by the organization to prevent unauthorized access by third parties. To protect information properly and in accordance with personal data protection laws such as

    • Monitoring of various activities that occur
    • Network security
    • access to information
    • Response when information is leaked
    • Encryption (Encryption) or converting data into a secret code.
25 Jan, 2022

Data Analytics

     It is a technology used to analyze trends in the behavior of an organization’s customers. Statistics and numbers are used to predict consumer behavior.  So that the organization can plan the marketing perfectly. Good return on business

    • Helping to make informed decisions Take the guesswork out of planning a marketing campaign. and choose to create appropriate content It also helps develop products to meet the needs of the target group even more.
    • Create a more effective marketing campaign. because they can understand the target audience more including understanding the behavioral trends of the target audience making it possible to create campaigns to support those behaviors
    • help build service and build a better relationship with customers
25 Jan, 2022

IT Infrastructure

     It is the structure of the IT system in the organization. That allows businesses to connect and access information quickly and securely. can support the work of the organization effectively both today and support the expansion of the organization in the future

Components of IT Infrastructure
– Installation and deployment of server systems
– Installation and deployment of network systems
– Creation and management of Data Center
– IT Security

25 Jan, 2022

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

     It is a simple and efficient business process automation software. Robotic Process Automation gives you the tools to create your own software robots to manage automated business processes. Your “bots” are configurable software. To carry out the tasks you have assigned them with efficiency and easy control.

What are the benefits of RPA?

    • Reduce errors in the work caused by humans (Human Error)
    • Reduce costs, reduce costs because they can work 24 hours a day.
    • Improve work efficiency by increasing Output and reducing Error.
    • Makes repetitive tasks no longer boring.