Motif Maintenance Service

Motif Technology Public Company Limited provides maintenance services with experienced staff. Maintaining more than 10 systems with the following types of system maintenance:

Types of system maintenance

Service Type


5×8 MA

Available 8 hours a day (9am – 6pm), Monday – Friday. Except for public holidays, and Thailand’s official holidays.

7×24 MA

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


The scope of maintenance service is as follows.

  1. Preventive maintenance is carried out every 3 months.

On-Site Service is an on-site service designed to maintain a preventive work environment. The Company will review the work of the system and information to ensure that the system can operate efficiently over time. System maintenance The Company will prepare a summary report of the audit system as a reference document for the customer.

  1. Technical Corrective Maintenance Service
    The Company provides an unlimited number of technical solutions for any Incidents caused by a system that the Company is responsible for. Incidents are some of the problems that may be required. Coordinate with the company’s staff to solve technical problems quickly.
  2. Development services to modify or expand the capabilities of the system. (Enhancement / Change Requirement)
    In case the company there is offers for development services to modify or extend the capabilities of the system as well. Customers can use the service to develop additional modifications or expand the ability to support change requests throughout the maintenance lifecycle. Under the volume of development, to modify or expand the capabilities of the system (Man-Days) under the agreement between the company and the customer.